Drvg Kvlt vinyl toy

If your reading then you know I've been sitting on this toy for awhile. But now it's done. This isn't the first time I've done some vinyl toys. I love painting them. Here's my newest custom:

"Drvg Kvlt -custom Buff Monster vinyl toy. 6' in tall

New Work

I've had all the time to do my projects. I've done all of them for the moment. Here's some previews of my art.

Lonely Owl: 5x7 ink on wood. Edition of 4 (All different from the picture)


Time Can Kill The Greatest Of Man

Once again, I've been slacking with updating. I hate that I haven't done much since. I want to do more since I have so much time on my hands. Here's a hand deck I did just for fun. I have one more to work on and other projects (that I work on very slow) Enjoy

"Tech Deck" Handboard
Gesso, Paint Makers, and Ink



Got all my previous artwork organized finally. Can't believe I have a piece from 2004. Check it out on the side bar link. Enjoy!


New Year & New Store

It's the New Year once again. Along with everything else that has been done, I still have alot planned for 2011. I just opened my first estore. So as I can get things out I can bring new stuff out. I'm hoping to get some more buttons since I ran out of them months ago.I'm also gonna reorganize most of my old work, so I'll have it all in one place. Hope everything enjoyed their New Years. I have alot instore for 2011

Art Damage Estore


Kvlt Drvgs (Goat-Christ) LVSK8 IV Pt.2

Custom skatedeck for sale starting July 2nd. I have to price this high to match other artists. Current price will be $150. Comes packaged in custom box with additional artwork from myself. If it's not sold by the end of July the price will be reduced down to a more affordable price (which I like it to be). If your located in the Vegas area come down for either the opening reception or First Friday. More info after the picture...

Hope to see you there.

Art Damage


Commission Work Enquire

In the mist of moving all my stuff and organizing my brand new space, I have time on my hands for some new projects. If your in need of artwork for any project I'll be more them willing to take the job. If your intersted let me know and we can further talk things through